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ok i have a big problem. i am replacing my ball joints but its the whole upper control arm. i have a 1993 ford thunderbird (sc). my problem is... im doing the passangers side, and if youre looking at the spindle the bolt that is on the left i cant get to it. i mean i know i can take it off im just worried about torqueing it down. theres no way to get a socket in there let alone a torque wrench. so how do i replace the control arm? i can take pictures if you need to. please help :banghead:

posted by  strocket

hmmmm.... try just a wrench don't overtighten and don't undertighten. easier said than done eh? if it's the kind of control arm im thinking of (might not be) ajust a suggestion, tighten up the bolt when the car is on the ground, ive found if the car is up in the air and the suspension is hanging down when you tighten it up that damn bushing will always squeek as you drive down the road. this might not pertain to your job but is just a hint

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

ok i dont understand. how do the suspension guys replace that upper control arm on the passangers side? i mean the stuff in the way doesnt magically dissapear. so how do they do it. there is absolutly no way to fit a socket in there with out removing a/c components and with all of the wiring harness in the way you can barley fit an open ended wrench in there. so please tell me how to do it. :cussing:

posted by  strocket

why don't you post a picture

posted by  carlos

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