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I have a Honda CRX 1.8, 10 years old, automatic. It has now done 105,000 miles with very few problems and has been utterly reliable. I love it and I never want to get rid of it but it's developed a problem over the last month. Sometimes the gears won't change up smoothly and it revs away, labouring to get into gear. Coming down the gears is fine, it's just changing up (no particular gear is worse) and once in top, it's fine. I checked the transmission fuel and the level is perfect and the fuel's clean so I don't think it's the clutch. I am guilty of driving all the time in auto mode so maybe this has caused the problem. When it happens, the problem exists for about a few days, up to a week, then goes away for a bit. It happened again this week and I started to use the individual gears a bit to see if that helped and today the problem has subsided although I don't know if it was this that helped. Any ideas as to what this problem is and who I should go to to get it fixed please? Most grateful if you can help.

posted by  cejsquash

It could be a sticky servo in the trans or (if the trans is computer controlled) a bad solenoid or something. A trans shop can test pressures at various points to tell you what it is.

I have heard about transmission flushes helping get some more mileage out of transmissions with these issues, but I have no first hand experience with them.

posted by  PeteC

Honda automatics are not made to be driven hard.. Avoid using the kick down gear ... It sounds like you might have another 10,000 miles before the transmission goes complety out. Honda automatics have a belt device which changes gears and is sensitve to hard driving. IF possible i would get another car with a stick shift. sticks are cheaper and more reliable

posted by  B.O.W.

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