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i have a 93 civic DX and i was driving down the road the other day and i noticed when i was making a left onto another street the front end seems to "click" and it does the same when i turn to the right. i was just wondering what this may be....i've heard kingpins, struts axel, bearing and i was wondering if anyone had an suggestions as to the price/and what it may be

thanks to all

posted by  swh969

It sounds like the CV Joint/Shaft. I payed over $300 to get both sides fixed on my car.

posted by  SCMancini83

you can get each side 4 100 bucks and theres a 50 dollar core and it takes about 2 hours 2 put them in. I have an 89 civic i just did

posted by  89HONDACVC

if you've never done it i would recommend buying a manual

posted by  carlos

Yep CV joint

posted by  Wally

Another vote for CV joint.

posted by  PeteC

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