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Hi i have a opel(holden, vauxhaull) 1.6i 1995 ,in the morning when i start her i get this smell off fuel . I have check and there is no leaks of any kind, i cleand out the inlet this weekend but still get the smell.
Thanks for any help provided.

posted by  frans

Are you sure you have no leaks even if you checked that how about the other lines in the back near the tank or the injector might be off alittle bit and shoting the furel all around but that is most unlikely i would check the other lines in the back first ,but if it is only doing it when you start it up i would not worry about it unless you smell it all the time when driving the car ,if the problem continues going down the road and you find no leaks get it to a SHOP FAST you got something else wrong with it and it is not worth waiting to get blown up about...

posted by  Earl_Foster2003

If it's a carby check your idle mixture screw and emulsion tubes, if it's injection check for worn "o" rings, your cold start injector timer & bi-metallic operation, leaking intake manifold gasket. You may also have some blowby happening from worn rings/bores.

posted by  Wally

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