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Well today a friend and I worked on my car problem I have (http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=9044)

First thing we did was look into the IAC valve. The valve tip was pretty dirty so I cleaned that up as best I could and place it back.

Second thing we did is what was suggested here (http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=4561&highlight=pontiac+sun bird), to disconnect the converter clutch switch. Well to our surprise the 4 pin connector was already disconnected, so we just reconnected it. The clip to hold the 2 connectors together was broken so it might come loose again on a bumpy ride.

Anyways we took the car out for a test drive for about 20 minutes doing frequent stops and it didnt stall at all.
What we did notice though is when we came to a complete stop, a second after the momentum of the car made the rear end go down the RPMs would drop to about 500, sounded like stalling, but then a moment later back up to 750 RPM and hold steady there until i go again.

We've tested that several times leaving the gear in Drive.

We're thinking its somthing to do with the IAC valve, maybe somthing inside not working right....

Any comments on that ??

posted by  Rad1

HI im jesse, Ive been working on cars pretty much my whole life, and have had a few of GM's lesser cars, the eco models if you will.

I have a 92 sunbird and was ahveing the same proble, and a 89 corsica and a caviler. Ill go out on a limb and say that it may have somethgin to do with the TCC which controls the lock up of the torque converter, when this gose bad, its almost like not pushing the clutch in which makes the motor want to stall, there is a four prong plug on the top front of the tranny that you can unhook wich cures the problem, but then the convert will not lock up anymore and your gas milage is alot lower, just a little though on your situation, good luck.

I will be replacing the head gasket in my 92 bird convertable this weekend and i hope i remeber were all the wires go. How i long to work on simple small blocks.

posted by  demonspore

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