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the cluch leaks out the fluid it has a hydro. clutch system completely stock.
how th problem came to b: i was trying to teach a friend how to drive stick and she was doing good but she took a turn around the small parking lot then i told her to hit the brakes but she panicked instead and started screamig that she didnt know were it was after i told her 3 times b4 we started but anyway she didnt hit it in time and my front wheels ended up in mud and i dont know if it's the slave cylynder or the line its self if anybody can help plz plz do

posted by  johnnmon9304

sounds like to me that you coulc have got a bad line or something if i was you i would have a good look at all the lines and trace them down to all the possible leaks and connections just to make sure it is not aa line if there is not any leaks then it could be coming from one last place and that is your slave clyinder..

posted by  Earl_Foster2003

if you pull back the boot on the slave and fluid leaks out, you need a newone, you can check the master cylinder by looking at it from inside the car and if you see any leakage on the floor board your gonna need a new one, if one of these are bad its a good idea to change them both at the same time. :2cents:

posted by  jnemeth

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