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My question is were can I find out the instrution for the removal and installation of the speedometer cable on my 84 honda accord 1.8L manual 5 speed car...i already looked in the HAYNES book and it does not list it in there neither does the CHILTONS gudie and I have called serveral ppl. i know and everybody tells me to take it to a shop and i really think it can be done at home just need to know how to do it (this is not a gm product and you cant just un screw it ) so this is my problem any help would be appreciated... :screwy: :cussing:

posted by  Earl_Foster2003

It's been a while since I've done one of these. First, you need to remove the cable from the trans. If you follow the cable from the firewall down to the trans. you should see a small black rubber boot over the end of the cable. Slide the boot up the cable. There will be a clip that goes through the housing in the trans. into the cable. remove the clip and pull the cable up and out of the trans. Now for the other end inside the car. There are 2 possible ways to release the cable from the speedo head. I don't remember which one applies to your car. First, look under the dash and follow the cable where it comes into the car through the firewall. See if you can see where it goes into the back of the speedo head. If you can, there will be a white or black plastic clip at the end. Get a long screwdriver and try to release the clip while you pull on the cable. If you can't see the cable from under the dash, you are going to have to pull the gauge assembly out to release that clip. Not all the way, but enough to reach in and release it. Remember, at both ends you will have to make sure to line up the notch on the cable to the corrosponding end.
Hope this helps!!!

posted by  zorro

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