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Hi there, I'm really hoping that you can help me out here.
I live in the Philadelphia area, am moving to Myrtle Beach SC. I buy an older model used car from a dealer I know, trade in from an older couple, and drive it to SC to leave there to use when I fly down.
The car has this goofy little alarm system in it, that is comprised of a small approx 2" X 4" black plastic tv remote looking thingy with a keypad on it similar to a telephone, and one minature green light and one minature red light.
Well, I buy this car, and have to drive right down to SC, dealer didn't have the code for the alarm as the car was wholesaled to him from the Toyota dealer it was traded to.
The alarm is disabled, little green light is on, and no problem taking it down. I park it at my condo complex and go back to Philly. Well, I go back down, the battery is dead, and when I go to jump it the alarm kicks in and the little red light is now on, and ignition doesn't work. So, now I'm 600 miles from home, with a disabled car that my HOA is probably ready to tow away.
Can you walk me thru the proper procedure to diagnose and remove this thing.
As I described, it's about the size of a tv remote, with a keypad on it. Very plain looking , was tacked to the dash with black putty, and has one wire running from it (multi wire inside) into the dash area.
Doesn't look like much, but it's keeping me from starting the car.
Thanks in advance for any and all help, I just want to get my car running again before the HOA tows it away.

posted by  Caprice9C1

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