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I have a '97 Infinity QX4 (3.3 liter), I replaced the timing belt. Now, I'm having problems with the engine; like using more gas, a loud knocking noise, and engine feels like it's pulling a load. Would like to know how to reset the timing. Thanks.

posted by  Ashkiidine

did you do it right? knocking noise sounds like engine damage

posted by  carlos

Engine works fine, no smoking. But noise is still present. Possible valves off set by timing. Vehicle is still driveable. No other damage. Was told by the mechanic just to reset the timing.

posted by  Ashkiidine

ouch... sorry to break the bad news man but thats an interference engine(meaning your pistons will hit valves if timing marks are not perfect) you may be in it for alot more money than you thought

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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