2003 Toyota Highlander V6 3.0L starting problems

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Ours is a 03 Toyota Highlander V6, 3.0L engine, auto transmission. Changed the oil in late december. Car was in a fender bender last August, stayed in the shop for a month for body and bumper repairs. The truck is garaged overnight, not kept out in the cold.

Since the past several weeks, I started noticing a little hiccup starting it. It was pretty random, but usually happened when the car had been idle for hours sitting out in the cold. Otherwise, it started just fine with one turn of the ignition. I ignored the issue, to my own disadvantage as you will see later.

This morning, the hiccup was a full-fledged work-stoppage. I turned the ignition, I could hear the engine cranking but no luck. I tried couple more times, then decided to trundle the car out of the garage into the sun so I could pop the hood and check the fluids. Did that, everything seemed ok, I tried again, no luck. By now, I was getting worried that the battery will die on me. I decided to give it one last try, this time, I kept the ignition turned on and pumped the pedal and finally the engine coughed to life. I gave the pedal several big pumps and started driving.

I am not very savvy about car internals and the engine, but keen to learn. Any help will be appreciated.


posted by  objviv

2003? its under guarantee, garage it dude, they will tell u what it was and what it causes, bla bla bla. Take it to the dealer, seriously and ask all the questions u want after it`s fixed. U will prolly learn faster that way than here.

posted by  Carcass

what part of va u from im in va beach, had the car at idle for hours.... lol :clap:

posted by  jnemeth

idling for hours?that could cook your catalytic converter.take it to toyota.i do not trust body shops as a rule.get toyota to go over it .end of story.

posted by  the lobster

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