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Been having a problem for a few months now wit the battery draining all the time. Originally I took it to a garage, and he changed the battery, as i think he said there was no water or something left in it.

It worked ok for 2 weeks then was dead again. Took it down the garage again and he did all the tests he could think of for battery drain, the charging circuit etc... and couldnt find anything. He gave the battery a full charge and its been working ok again for the last 3-4weeks. Just in case, i have also left the alarm off as i thought that may be causing it. But today it has gone dead again :ohcrap:

Any suggestions what could be going on?! The guy at the garage thinks it could be something Intermittent cutting in!?

posted by  Philljp

ok, hows is that done?

posted by  Philljp

i thought local autozone stuff can do that.. if a diode goes bad, the battery light should be very dim..

posted by  thongsai

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