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Hi. I've got a 93 toyota tercel, about 193 K km and very recently starting making a putt-putt noise. The muffler seems to be involved. The car uses a bit of oil - always has since i've owned her 30 K km ago. Any ideas on what's wrong? Other than mentioned, she seems to run fine.
Thanks, lori.

posted by  lori

i am not sure waht the putt-putt noise is that you are describing... how loud, when, and from where is this sound coming (front, side, back of car).
All I can figure from what you said in the post is maybe an exhaust leak. That can produce, i guess a sort of putt-putting noise.

posted by  sierrawolfe929r

if you think the muffler is involved your probably on the right track. and the oil use how bad?

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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