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I'm completey uneducated on the topic of automotives and I need to know something.

I own a 1991 Dodge Dynasty. When I start it up, it constantly makes a loud clicking noise. I've been told that this is an engine rod that's going out. I have no job and no way of getting money to fix it. I was wondering that if I continue to drive the car, if there is any risk to my life, I'm not trying to die here. :P

Also, about how much would it cost to fix something like that, with labor and everything included?

Thanks for the help.

posted by  Pocket

If it's a rod the sound will most likely disappear when you coast down a hill. If its knocking all the time your oil pressure would be borderline. Have a mechanic check out the sound. If you had a timing light you could get a feel to see what frequency it is, thus whether it's top end or bottom end.

A vacuum diagnostic may tell you more, like if it's a broken ring, sticky/broken spring, etc.

posted by  Wally

i love the is this safe to drive questions, the answer is always no. :mrgreen: and then i would proceed to tell you the worst possible situation i can think of. your driving down the road at 100 km/h and your engine finally quits, maybe it doesn't blow up or catch on fire or anything , but at highway speeds, when you lose your power steering and power brakes it doesn't make for a good situation, maybe you lose control cuz you panic and the roads are icy and you swerve hit a family of 4 in a van killing everyone inside except you now you have to live with that your whole life and in the end, you knew something was wrong but hey maybe your just too busy with your life to worry about your car.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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