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my friend has a 2001 chevrolet cavalier, and when he accelerates to around 50-60 MPH, the car shakes almost to the point where you lose control of the car... any ideas on what may be the problem or how to fix it??? Ive already checked the axle, cv joints and boots but all are fine... any help would be great!

posted by  motodevious14

All that sounds good but, have you checked for wheel balance?

posted by  lectroid

you may be missing some of the little balance weights from the side of the tire. check to make sure they are still balanced.

posted by  moparboy

Have the tire balancing checked. I suspect u may have a worn spot on one or more of ur tires. At the same time, it will rule out wheel balance if it isn`t the case. If ur friend enjoys slamming on the breaks, that would do it. An unevenly worn tire. If it stops shaking around 80, most probably the wheels are out of balance. Also ask if he didn`t hit a curb... :thumbs:

posted by  Carcass

check if there is mud on the inside of the rim, or ice, spray it all out with a hose and try that.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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