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I recently inherited from my mechnically lame father-in-law a 1980 Chevy Siverado 10 half ton pickup with a 305 G series engine. The fun part is that it has been sitting for 8 YEARS without running though it DID run when he left it to rot. Now, I either need to two it to a junk yard or get it running. What say ye gentlemen?

So far, I have cleaned it out (including the mice living in the air-filter housing and the two raccoon skulls under the hood). I have a new battery for it. I have new air filter, oil, oil filter, etc. I would like to not spend a fortunate on seeing if the thing will run, but I wouldn't mind the extra ranch vehicle. My next step is to pull the plugs and squirt some oil down the cylinders. Then there is my first question. Do I try to use the starter to turn it over? If not, how do I try and turn this over by hand?

Also, I know this is a stupid question for you guys who work on cars all the time, but how do I drain the old gas easily on this vehicle?

Thanks in advance.

posted by  scott@oax.com

First, the gas issue is not the least bit stupid. How much fuel is in the tank/if you know?1st-2nd :oops: Disconnect the coil from the distributer and turn the engine over for a while to get the oil circulated.

posted by  lectroid

NO I have no idea howmuch fuel is in it. I can see if the gauge works when I hook up the battery. I had thought of a siphon pump to get the old fuel out for starters.

Sound reaonable?

posted by  scott@oax.com

Absolutley(no electric or battery pumps!) and I would then remove the tank and clean it out,especially after eight years. Wouldn't hurt to have some carb cleaner on hand too.

posted by  lectroid

So what are the odds this thing will ever run again? Should I just cut my losses and tow it off?

posted by  scott@oax.com

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