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I got a car alarm worked in the past unitl one day the central locking didn't work, so I used the car key to lock and unlock the car.
I replaced the remote control's battery and it still didn't work. I thought the car alarm was dead. Some time ago I went overseas and disconnect the car alarm leads from the car battery. Then reconnect the leads when I came back, the car alarm was beeping when the leads touched the car battery. So I assume the car alarm is working but the remote control did not get the car alarm switched off and did not get the central locking work.
Any idea ? Does the car alarm affect my car's central locking or vice versa ? But the central locking is still functioning by car key.

posted by  AlanTse

Sounds like it's just a problem with the remote .... probably the receiver rather than the remote control.
Is it a factory alarm / locking, or aftermarket? Did you put it in yourself?

If so, get the receiver out and test it (power it up, activate it with the remote and test the output with a multimeter or the door locks)

posted by  windsonian

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