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I have a 95 Subaru Imprezza that I suspect has a bad running lights relay. After using the car for a couple of years occassionally towing a small utility trailer the running lights wouldn't turn off. I suspected the relay got stuck in the closed circuit state. Bought one and couldn't figure out where it goes. The dealer told me they have no idea and even if I bring it in with the dash ripped apart they would charge by the hour until they found it. The only logical solution was to drive the car anyway and disconnect the battery whenever it was going to sit for a while, until I could locate the relay.

No, it is not under the hood in the relay box with the other light relays. Repair manuals show two different locations. Under dash right of radio and way up in the dash by the left lower corner of the windshield. Couldn't find it.

Well, the other day I cut the trailer wiring plug off to replace it with another plug. It was suffering from road rash but not bad enough that anything was shorted or anything like that. And the problem started long before that. This fixed the problem of the lights not shutting off except that now they won't turn on. Had to drive home 50 miles in the dark the other night with 4 way flashers on. No fun. Obviously the car has now decided that it takes preference over every other project.

I thought it was strange that the plug had 5 wires going in and 4 coming out. It appears that they had the stop light and tail light wires tied together.
Having not done too many trailer wiring projects I don't know if that is standard or not. An answer on that would be helpful. To eliminate this as a contributing factor, I did not wire in the new plug. Instead I just taped off the wires until I replace the relay.

Question is: Does any one know where to find the running lights relay on a 95 subaru imprezza lx 2 door with automatic trans. Listening for a relay clicking doesn't work because I suspect that it is dead. Also, is there such thing as a heavy duty replacement relay that can handle trailer lights? I thought about,once I locate the relay, replacing it with a plug and relay from something like a ford truck which comes intended for use in towing.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am getting ready to pull the seats so I can spend the day ripping the underside of the dash apart and get this solved once and for all.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to being a worthwhile contributor to this forum in the future.

If anyone would prefer the efficiency of a phone call I would be glad to call you right back and save the charges. It could be better for this situation.

I will still gladly post the solutions here.

rugerguy2000@yahoo.com :ohcrap:

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