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Hello 1st time user here. I have a problem with my 2002 taurus. :ticking: My wife primaraly drives it and i am stuck with the beater ( 94 galant w/ 200,000 :cussing: ). She drove the car to work heater blower working fine until she left work and blower no longer works. :smoke: I have plenty of heat in the vents (not overheating at all) and I checked all the fuses and relays related to the blower all look and seem fine ( I even replaced with good ones to be sure) do you have any ideas as to what the problem may be I am stumped :cussing: and do not want to spend alot of $$$$ I do not have.

posted by  foxleland66

If u know where the blower is (usually under the dash, passenger side) then give it a kick or a good smack. If it restarts, then u know the blower is going to crap on ya. This trick should help u get another 6-8 weeks out of it, but it`s inevitable, ur gonna need to replace it. Other possibilities are: bad switch (most prolly not, but possible), bad resistor (highly improbable as u would have at least 1 speed, in theory) or maybe even a broken wire somewhere.

Happy hunting, hope u find the prob. :hi: :thumbs:

posted by  Carcass

hope this will help,first are you still in factory warranty,3 years 36k miles,if not there is a tsb for this concern,water is entering the heater box,technical service bulletin states to replace blower motor,resistor and a rain shield or revised windshield cowl and add more body sealer,visit your nearest ford dealer with your v.i.n. in hand and ask them to run an oasis to get t.s.b.
and youll find all the info you need for the fix :wink2:

posted by  arnold

good luck i work for a ford dealer in the service department and worked as a tech for some time

posted by  arnold

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