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Was given an 89 Escort, 160k miles with the 1.9 litre engine manual trans.
Thought it was a problem with the idle motor until now on a warm day when pulled the air cleaner completely off I noticed the idle screw had been turned way in... Damn kids!
OK, so I checked the idle circuit and it appears to be working OK. But the car warms up then shuts down and won't restart....

It has fuel but spark would appear to be a problem.

Anyone know what to do? :banghead:

18- Loss of TACH signal to Electronic Control Assembly (ECA).

87- Fuel Pump (FP) relay – circuit failure.

96- Thermactor Air System problem – right (passenger) side air flow will not bypass.
or, Fuel Pump (FP) circuit failure.
or, High speed fuel pump relay circuit failure.

posted by  lgchristianson

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