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ok, first, specs: '96 GMC Sonoma, 5-speed manual trans.
new clutch and trans. about 2000 miles old.

I have a big problem with my transmission or clutch. It started the other day when I apparently hit a sewage manhole or something. It didn't hit that hard, or that's what I thought at first. I immediately started feeling the effects of the hit in my clutch. The pedal wasn't as smooth as it was before. It came out slowly and I felt a sort of rattling in my foot, as if it were slipping against another metal. It was still driveable, so I decided I would fix it at home and not call my dad at 3 in the morning. I assume air got into the system, so I'll fix this after I fix the trans., which bring us to my other problem:

I hear a rapsing sound coming from the transmission. It sounds like as if the fan were hitting a piece of metal, except its not the fan, its coming from the transmission, as far as I can tell. I really want to fix this myself, but I have no idea what this sound could be. Any ideas?

posted by  solidus1299

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