HELP!!! cold vehicle in N Ontario!!!

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yesterday the heat in my vehicle quit working.
this is not a sudden occurance, it gradually went away
the coolant temp guage reads normal operating range but my heater is not producing heat
i changed the thermostat yesterday and it persisted
i did everything i could to eliminate an air lock in the coolant system and it still persists

what else could i do??

this is a 99 chev blazer LS

driving in this part of the world in february withour cabin heat is not pleasant

posted by  dms79

Check that the door or valve that regulates the heat is working and if that is working then you need a heater core.

posted by  srober32

oof, old topic

Take off both heater core hoses and jam a garden hose in there and flush it, if water goes through, then you know it's not that, then check the valve, if it doesn't, well, have fun.

Have you had any coolant loss?

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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