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Hey everyone,

I have a '82 celica (2.4L R22 engine, 5 spd manual) that has been giving me fits. About 6 months ago it became very difficult to start, until eventually it wouldn't start at all. However, a can of carb cleaner later it was starting again, although not running smoothly. About 3 months later the problem returned, and the carb cleaner got it running again. About a month ago, however, while doing 70 mph on the highway the tach suddenly dropped to 0 (while still in gear) and the car lost all power. This only lasted a few seconds, and then it came back on again. Two weeks later the tach again dropped to 0, while moving in gear, then it came back on, and then it totally died and wouldn't start. I parked it, gave it a shot of carb cleaner (don't know if it really did anything, but it worked before) and was able to start it and get home the next day. Now, it's stuck in my driveway and won't start at all. Until recently I figured it was simply a gunked up carb, but the tach dropping to 0 while moving would seem to indicate an electrical problem. It's an old car, so there's obviously no computer involved. Other than this the car is in excellent condition (only 113K miles). Anyone ever had the "tach falls to 0" problem? I recently had the timing set, and the mechanic didn't see any other problems. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I live near the ocean so I know corrosion could be a problem, but nothing under the hood seems look particulary corroded.

posted by  pmuchmor

maybe a vacuum leak (even a cracked hose)
EGR valve bad
funny choke
if ya have a carb:
plugged jet
pinhole in float
bad needle/seat
(maybe needs a rebuild, but a kit may or may not come with floats or jets)
accel. pump (in carb)
-could be a few other things


dist. or coil(s)

posted by  sierrawolfe929r

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