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Hi, hoping someone can help.

I have a Holden Astra City 2000 with only 57,000 on the clock and while driving the air conditioning just cut out (blowers still go but no cool air). I took it to the mechanics who informed me the compressor needs replacing and will cost $1300. Any ideas from anyone?

posted by  rebekah01

Hi abt the compressor of astra I no how to repair it, it's so difficult to explain to u by mail u can contact me to tell how but I'll take from u only 550$
think... :screwy:

posted by  Caspinoo


I was wondering if you got this problem resolved. I have a 2001 astra cd model and the air con just cuts out as you say below, but the mechanic has already fixed the compressor and checked EVERYTHING else? I have heard that there are a few around with this problem and no mechanic knows what the problem is. Not even Holden head office. Does any know what the problem could be??

The only other thing it could be is the computer but l would rather not get that replaced.


posted by  nick_bowen

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