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Okay I bought a Tempo with 46k miles on it for $500. Engine is very solid and its in pretty decent shape looks wise. The transmission was slipping out of drive but dumping the old fluid and putting in a mix of Lucas / TransX seems to be improving that with every few miles I drive it.


However, the belt that was on it was cracking and eventually broke. I bought a new one and installed it according to the diagram under the hood but there is just no FRIGGIN way that the tension bracket / pulley can go back on there according to the diagram. There is just not enough slack. I found a way to slip it OVER the pulley rather than under as the diagram suggests but that left the belt resting on the bracket above it. So guess what happened???

:banghead: Yeah that belt broke real fast like.

I dont know much about the creepy looking front wheel drive engine in this thing other than people have told me (and I now know from experience) that it is a strange Canadian built engine with almost no room to work on them.

I'm pretty sure that I can buy a belt similar to what is called for with about 2 inches extra length and rig it up like that, but I would rather do it RIGHT because I think I can get about $1500 for it if I clean up the interior some.

Has anyone experienced this problem with the Tempo before? Anyone have a better diagram or even maybe a photo of how this belt is supposed to be installed? Helpful advice on the trick of somehow getting that tension pulley bracket on with the right belt?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!


BTW: Its a 2.3 liter 4 banger / auto / with AC (though it MAY be after market AC...I dont know enough about the engine / interior to tell)

posted by  Blue_Frog

click here for a pic of the routing for your serpentine (http://autorepair.about.com/library/illustrations/bl829lib.htm)

posted by  sierrawolfe929r

well make sure it's the proper belt. o.e.m part number is F33Z8620B it has an automatic tensioner which will pull upward i think and route it like this... if the picture even works

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

fine then! beat me to it why don't you :banghead:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

sorry :wink2:

posted by  sierrawolfe929r

Thanks guys....that does help. Yeah its supposed to go under the tension bracket like it looks under the hood.

o.e.m part number is F33Z8620B

Where do I get that OEM part??? Motorcraft?? Ford??? The belt that was way too tight for the tensioner was Armor Mark and yeah I thought it might be the wrong damn belt.

posted by  Blue_Frog

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Thanks for the pics guys....it re affirmed me that what SEEMED impossible had to be done.

Since I know that this site archives here is what I found out about the 'trick' to getting this fixed tension pulley onto the sumbitch:

The tension bracket has two guide posts on the back and NO MATTER how much leverage and pressure you put on it you CANNOT line them up at first. What you have to do is line up the top post (which is rounded at the edge) and tighten a turn or two till it starts into it's hole. Then put a little more leverage on it and tighten a turn...more leverage...tighten a turn...more leverage and tighten (and so on). The rounded top post will slowly guide the squared lower post into the hole.

Also you might want to watch the belt as you do this as it seems to come a little misaligned as you go through the process. When I got done the belt was resting right on the edge of the block. It can be moved easy enough with a prybar or flathead though but of course if you dont watch it and adjust it when your done you'll be replacing that belt again soon!

Again thanks for the help guys n gals!

posted by  Blue_Frog

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