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I have recently (6 months ago) purchased off of a "friendly" used car lot a "96" Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Much fancier than what I wanted; but my girlfriend talked me into it. Ah the power of the "pink". Anyway although it was to fancy in my eyes, now I love every feature it has. It is running on the 4.0 straight six with fuel injection. I run Chevron standard grade fuel and so far have only tried to fix the following problem with a new air filter and many brands of fuel injector cleaner. The issue I am having started about 3 months ago. When I was down to around a quarter of a tank of gas it would hesitate or even die during acceleration after about 10 or 15 min's. of operation. If I shut it off at lights till it was my turn it would operate marginally when the light was green and I fired her back up to go. Now it doesnt matter how full the tank is I am having this issue after 10 or 15 min's of operation during all times of the day except early in the morning. I am truly perplexed. I have extensive "shade tree" experience and know enough about vehicles to know when to pay thru the nose to get it fixed or to fix it myself. My education and knowledge has been forced over time by lack of funds and stupid curiosity. Any input is welcome.

posted by  jeepmaniii

You have a tank that has been run to garbage. Lots of sediment in the tank. Lots of possibilities....been underwater...been driven empty too many times...hell its a jeep-someone ran wreckless with the gastank open too many times.

1) Dont drive the gastank low...dont let it below half an tank. You'll never see the problem.

2) Marvel Mystery Oil in the tank at twice the dose reccomended for a month or two.

3) (best solution) Replace the tank (prolly about $200...days work at any shop) and then run Marvel thru it every tank for a few months.

posted by  Blue_Frog

I don't mean to go against everything you say, but this is my experience with MM oil in your fuel. I ran it a few times in my gf car and it f****d up the injectors the car ran like crap, I finally replaced them and the problem went away. However it does work wonders on carburated cars.

posted by  carlos

Actually you are damn right to say that and I'll tell MR Jeep just the same. I've never run mystery through anything but carb systems. I have a fuel injected Tempo I'm having headaches with trying to get to its prime but I'm not to that point yet.

I may not be so right on that MM on fuel injected cars cuz I've never tried it yet. Good point carlos though it is a possibility...anyone with MM experience on fuel injected engines for blockage probs??????

posted by  Blue_Frog

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