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....at the workshop in a small town in Germany. I replaced all the rubber bearings of my front axle, the kinkpins, the shocks, the brake discs and pads. Well, I have to tell you something: The car handles like new

So before you fiddle around with the steering box look for the rubber material. Thats where the play usually comes from.

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Cool picture and shop!! I have recently replaced a lot of the steering rubber and things of that sort on my w124 and I say the same. I even had a nice compliment by a member of the female gender....yes believe it or not I let her drive Sadie :mrgreen:

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Well, some of the rubbers really looked scary. One of them at the upper strut totally desintegrated. I can strongly recommend everybody to check the axles very carefully. They really make the difference.

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Nice little shop Eberhard...Yours?

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Well, it is actually three of us who rented the shop. (it is me in the front and actually two other friends, but at least you get an idea) It used to be a real repair shop and we took over all the equipment, like a SUN Digital Tester, the jack, the compressor and air system etc. To make it even better, I rented the apartment just above the shop. To live together with you automobiles can't get any better :)

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Great pics Eberhard ! I am doing mine this week!! :)

ps: My family came over from Germany in the late 1800's. It is nice to be able to converse with someone who is a Mercedes enthusiast AND from Germany as well!

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Hi guys. I'm new to cars, so don't be pissed off. What are these rubbers? Are they important, can you get into an accident if they're not in good shape? I mean, will they not handle the car properly if they're bad?

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you've come to right place. as long as you check the rubbers, there shouldn't be a problem. but i've never heard of someone gettin in an accident and that be the cause, cuz i always get mine checked, and i guess i don't really think about askin people about it, i'll check around though

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Ya...always check your rubbers!! ;)

::old thread reviver::

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ill avoid the obvious condom joke :D

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Why...I didn't.

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AMEN!!! I wish i had known that before i bought a new Flaming River steering box for my stang. LISTEN TO THIS!!! I IMPLORE YOU!!! IT"S TRUE I SWEAR!! haha it would have saved me some frustration if i had figured this out a few years ago.

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I used to be in the motor trade and had to replace a few of those bushes on Mercs, and boy did they give me some crap!

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