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I finally got stopped dead in my tracks. I can't figure out why a 2000 daewoo lanos won't start. It has fuel, spark, and compression. can anyone tell me why it won't start?

posted by  moparboy

Would u mind being more specific????? Is it manual/auto. Does it have an alarm or a cut out system? Mileage??
And how do u know if theres fuel/spark?

Thanx for giving us alot of info there because ur car has all it needs to start: fuel and spark and compression. :banghead:

posted by  Carcass

And mention if the engine turns at least. :clap:

posted by  Carcass

The engine does turn over. I know theres spark because i pulled the plugs one by one and turned the engine over. I also pressed the fuel purge valve on the fuel rail to see if the engine was getting gas and it is. the car does have an alarm system. I think it might be the crank sensor. The car went into a snow bank and then it wouldn't start. at first I thought it was the starter had been frozen because it was about 20 below out and had gotten snow packed all around it. I heated the car up in my garage and it wouldn't start. I checked all my connections nothing is loose. although the car is like a hotwheel. you take out one screw and it falls apart. :laughing: sorry the car is my brothers and i hate it. don't ever buy one. if the timing belt goes it's $2300 to get the valves replaced and put the head back on the engine. That's without any head work being done.

posted by  moparboy

it is an automatic. no cutoff system.

posted by  moparboy

You hit something and the car mysteriously won't run. How about a fuel reset switch?

posted by  DodgeRida67

i had the fuel pump go so i replaced it at $397 just the parts price. the car then ran for a week in a half i have fuel, spark, but it wont start. after checking everything i found inside the car there is a 15 amp fuse that controls the eng. sensor and the fuse keeps blowing after i put a new one in. can u anyone tell me what the fuse is used for and why it keeps blowing ive talked to people from around here and know one will give no info on it and told should get rid of the car. spec. its a 2000 daewoo lanos 4 door sedan 1.6L, auto with OD please help me.

posted by  chevybill

Sounds like the crank sensor might be bad, if it keeps blowing fuses.

posted by  srober32

Take out the passenger seat, remove the threshhold on the door, pull up the carpeting around the ECM. There are wire harness connections next to the ECM. For some reason the floor board gets wet and these connectors tend to corrode. Check each wire and connection. Pull on them, take the connections apart, butt splice any bad connection. That is where I found the problem. Try to wrap the connectors and isolate them from the wet floor board. I'm still trying to fix the wet floor board problem. If you do not hear the fuel pump come on when you turn the key on, and if your fuel gauge does not work when this problem occurs, it will be the orange wire on on of those harnesses. Good Luck

posted by  toesidebruce

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