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I'm not sure if you'll be able to help me but I thought I'd try anyway.

I have a vauxhall nova merit, 1991. It has a radio in it. The radio has a fake tape part. I have an aerial on the bonnet by the window but the majority of the time I cant get a good signal and therefore cant get any music in the car.

I want to put in either a radio cassette or radio cd player, BUT, the one I have in there now doesn't come out. There are, what looked like, 4 screws around the edges. I've just tried to unscrew them with a tiny screw driver but they cant be screws cos they weren't moving.

Anyone know if I have to take the car to a vauxhall specialist to get this radio out? Will it come out? and what will be behind it? Will I be able to put a radio cassette or radio cd player in, or am I causing too much trouble for myself, lol. :banghead:

Thanks in advance for any advice. :thumbs:

posted by  Red1

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