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I have an 85 toyota celica GT. I was pulling some mad cookies in the mud and the engine died and will not start. It turns over and has gas. When I checked for spark there was none from the coil or at the spark plug. I tested the coil and it is fine. I have heard about an ignitor and an ignition module......Can you test these? Which one is connected to the coil and where is the other one? Chiltons has no mention of the ignition module. Any input would be appreciated.


posted by  POScelica

i think i know ur problem... don't spin mad cookies in the mud... lol. actually i don't know shit about the ignition system... wait a minute i hardly know jack shit about any of the car :D

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

The ignotion module is connected to the coil. The module is what switches primary current from the distributor to the coil itself. The ECM sends voltage pulses to the module, thus allowing it to switch. I'm not sure about the ignitor, but the module can be tested. It has 3 parts and is considered a transistor. There is the Base, Emitter and Collector. The Base would be equal to the ground, the emitter would put out the signal and the collector receives the pulses. You get the picture. I would check to make sure it wasn't grounding out, and then I would check to make sure it was receiving the signal from the ECM and then see if it was sending the signal. (Please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong.) Hope this information helps (and is correct)!

posted by  ferrarichika

Chicka, excellent answer, you must be the top student in your class. Unfortunately someone asking that question would not have enough knowledge to understand it, in other words you're way over their head. At any rate the answer from ChevySuxD0ng is much more useful and well thought out. Must be all that thinking before typing. :?

posted by  vwhobo

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