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Have a 1998 Honda Civic. The seat belt got stuck in the door so I pulled it out. Now door will unlock but won't open. Door handle seems to be still attached. Tried to get door panel off but won't come all the way off with door shut unless there is a release holding it on that I don't know about. When looking into the door panel can see handle operating wire that releases door latch but latch not giving in. Anyone have a suggestion? Please help tired of climbing in through passenger door. :banghead:

posted by  clm111

Yes there is a clip u don't know about. It's on the lever for raising/lowering the window. You'll need a "fork" to remove it. Go to an autoparts store and ask the guy at the counter, he should know what i mean. It's flat (so as to fit between the door panel and window lever) and more or less U shaped. If u look closely between paneland lever, u should see it, therefore u will also know where to insert the fork. The clip is more or less horse-shoe shaped but the tips are closed. Anywho, look, u'll see what i mean. If u have electric windows, then i dunno dude. :doh:

posted by  Carcass

HMMMM Carcass you seem to have knowledge of a sort with this so:

1994 Ford Tempo 2 Door...power locks...manual windows.

Power lock will lock passenger side door but not drivers side. Can lock drivers side manually but :doh: if ya do you better hope the passenger side is unlocked cuz the keys will just piss ya off.

Any ideas?????


posted by  Blue_Frog

Hmmm, good question. I think ur motor in the driver door is burnt or not recieving the signal. U may have to open up the panel (prolly with a fork as well) and have a look see. DO u hear the click in the door at all? Does it look like it wants to move or....
As for the keys pissing u off, be more specific. The key sticks inside, is hard to turn, can`t remove it.....etc. Be more precise please as to help any us have as many ideas as possible. :thumbs:

posted by  Carcass

Is there anyway to get the door open without taking the panel off? Do you know what could be causing it to stay shut. The handle seems to work ok everything unlocks and tries to open the door is just does not release ever since the seat belt was stuck and pulled out.


posted by  clm111

Look, ur original post was about getting the panel off. To do something properly, u must first analyize, think and then react. If u can't remove the panel, how u gonna analyze? This leaves room for think then react. The fork in question i told u about costs maybe $9 at most and is necessary. I think for $10, its def. worth a try. All is up to you. At least then u will see if nothing is broken or kinked or trapped inside ur door. Maybe u f**ked up the door latch as well, who knows. Also, maybe tell us WHERE on the door did ur seatbelt get stuck (bottom, near the latch, etc.)

Hope this helps.

posted by  Carcass

Thanks for the help but panel still won't come off the seats are in the way. Also electric window so clip release of no use that's why I requested further info about getting it open without taking off the panel. Have been analyzing by the way of would have already tried ripping the door off. Maybe the door latch is **ked up. :doh: Don't know where the seatbelt got stuck someone did that for me. Now it's up to me to fix it. Thought someone may have had it happen to them and have some ideas. I'll just keep working at it.

Thanks anyway

posted by  clm111

Well good luck dude. I can't think of anything else, hope u find it. :wink2:

posted by  Carcass

Thanks anyway Uh but just to let you know that's Dudette to ya. :D

posted by  clm111

Sorry bout that. Ur a girl, correction noted. :oops: :thumbs:

posted by  Carcass

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