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hey all, My names Dayton im new to this foru. I got my self a GE Scorpion that i want to drop either a 318 or a 302 into. in which i want to know what the availiability of parts for these engines would be and weather or not they are expensive to build (street/track) but also reliable. i am in Australia and there for ford parts shouldnt be a problem but my scorpion is a crysler and a 318 would feel rite at home in the engine bay but again im a ford man;) thanks

posted by  GEScorpion

Wouldn't an SBC be a better choice or even a bit of finesse by way of a jap motor with a hairdryer?

posted by  Wally

I really strongly suggest that you go with a 340. It's one step up from that 318 and is an absolute wonderful high performance engine.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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