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Hey Everyone!

So far this is my second post my introduction being the first. I currently own a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Coupe with pretty much stock everything (my first car from my parents). My sceniro: I would like to get installed the digital climate and upgraded computer system that has an LCD. Now I know someone who from e-bay.com who bought these parts from his (says they are working) old job and they included all the wires and what not, but I'm an-aware if you can put these componets into the car aftermarket or if they needed to be put in only at the factory. I haven't been able to come accross anyone to help anyswer my question so I figured i'd try here first. I would kill for any information because I obliviously am lost in space over here :tard: . Please, I know everyone on here is much smarter then I am :doh: , I just hope someone will HELP ME! (I'm begging here!)

Thanks Everyone, and I appercatie your input on my issue GREATLY! :clap:

If these componets can be installed, woudl anyone have any suggestions on where I could get this done? (I don't mind paying as much as it take, just want to get my baby a little more loaded...)

posted by  REDGrandPrix99

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