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hi guys...

a few weeks ago i detected a squeaking sound in my engine. i sprayed the belts with lubricants and manage to keep the noise off for a day or two. then it comes back again, spraying doesn't work this time. i check to the pulleys to see should there be any problem with the bearings. everything seems ok... later this evening the squeaking was severe that i can hear sounds of metal party starts to fill my engine compartment. i stop and the sound goes extra loud so i turned the engine off. my car can still start, but u'll hear those party metals in the engine. soon i notice clear water coming down from my engine. and they were cool. i finally realize that my water pump is out. is it? what should i do? is the engine lost? it is a daihatsu charade detomaso 1.6. please help.

sam :doh:

posted by  samharon

i sthe pump circulating water? is the water coming from the water pump? if your water pumps bearings felt like going out, it could have caused that metal-ey noise via the pulley being out of whack... being broken and out of balance is sometimes enough to yank the pump away from the block. It all depends.

posted by  sierrawolfe929r

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