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93 ford taurus 3.0 automatic with ac Just recently had the water pump and thermostat replaced had them bleed the system and flush it they said that I had a leak in my radiotor but it cant be a big one because i dont see any fluid leaking and the radiator is still very full 50/50 mixture but the car is still overheating the heat works when the car is warm but when it gets to running tempature I dont really feel the heat much and the car overheats would this happen because of a small leak in the radiator???

posted by  93TaurusOwner

Sounds like a bad thermostat.

posted by  srober32

It sounds like there's a blockage in the way of your heater core for there to be no heat and the vehicle still over-heat. A small leak wouldn't cause it to over-heat. What temperatures is it getting up to?

what do you mean "the heater works when the car is warm and not when it gets to running temperature"... that makes no sense...

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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