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ok- I have a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am with a 3300 motor. I have been having a problem with it since i got it. I have had the nut. safety switch changed, lock up solenoid, coil pack, ign. module. cooling temp sensor, ign. wires and spark plugs. OK, the problem i am having is......

1) While idiling the enginge surges, the battery power goes down and the lights start to flicker, when i am at a light the ABS light comes on (that just started today)

2) When i start accelerating the car jerks and sounds like it is going to stall then when i get up to a certain speed it starts the jerk and sputters almost like it is missing, the tach meter goes to 0 and it almost sounds like it is going to stall. The only codes that come up is the esc module which we have changed three times and it still does it.


Shikara :cussing:

posted by  Shikara

I am getting the ignition module code! not sure which code number it is, what i am trying to figurre out why is it still sputtering when i hit higher speeds? I am sooo confused with this car. Also there are times when it wont start int he mornings and when it gets warmer throughout the day it will start no problem. I think my car is possessed!

can someone please help and tell me what else we can look at? :banghead:

posted by  Shikara

I'm less familiar with the 'codes' you are talking about but I assure you this...every thing I am closely familiar with that sounds like your problem has had to do with ignition relays (just like the code you are getting) or what would be called a module now I guess. Also faulty but not totally gone relays (old name for modules) tend to act up more in wet or cold weather. Funny how the name changes but the song remains the same huh?

Just replace the module...surely it must be a replaceable part huh?

posted by  Blue_Frog

I did replace the module and it is still doing the same thing! we are even still getting that same code! WTF. I dont know. My fiancee is going to check the wires and everything today and see if he can come up with anything. I am baffled about what it could be !

Shikara :banghead: :cussing:

posted by  Shikara

well, we wnt out to start the car this morning and it wont even start. its getting fuel but no spark. I odnt understand what the hell could be wrong with it anymore! Any ideas? Please please please give me some!!!!!!

posted by  Shikara

You should also check the oil pressure, because on some cars the oil pressure switch also tells the ignition it is ok to fire.

posted by  srober32

oil pressure builds up once the engine fires up so what signal is the oil switch sending?
does the car crank?

posted by  carlos

Sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt. Like it didnt start all day yesterday and we wentout there last night and it fired right up. I just dont understand! :banghead:

posted by  Shikara

The oil pressure switch in a GM 3300 V6 has a secondary contact which pulls in the main fuel pump relay when the pressure reaches 4-6 psig thus is a permissive for fuel supply. It does not act as a permissive to fire the spark plugs.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

did you get a used ignition module or a new one?

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

all of the ign modules we put on the car have been brand new!

posted by  Shikara

have your crank position sensor replaced. the problems you are having are simular to the one I had on my grand am. The car would spit and sputter at any time and run great other times. Somtime it would start like nothing was wrong the next time it would not start at all. It turned out to be the crank position sensor. It had a hairline crack in it and moisture and oil would get inside of the protective shell and cause havoc. Hope this helps you.

posted by  fordman

We actually have it at the shop right now. They did change that and we are hoping thats the problem. the mechanic said it is running good except the check engine light wont go out and it is still the code for the module, we just changed it again and the light wont go out!

posted by  Shikara

You are right, sorry it was late. :doh:

posted by  srober32

Back in January with my 1988 Pontiac 6000 I started having problems very similar to yours, sometimes it would start right up and other times nothing at all, would loose fuel pressure so I replaced the pump and then still nothing, this went on for a week as I went through my 15 yrs worth of knowledge in my head and came up empty. Eventually I took the coil pack and modules off of the engine and got a spark off of a wire abd found that one of the 3 plugs for the module had a wire that wasn't connected inside anymore but looked ok from the outside, so try a light pull on all the wires and see if that works for you. After I found that wire I pushed it back in the plug and havent had a problem since, hope this helps, good luck

posted by  fordman86

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