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I have a 1994 Nissan Altima GXE. (Automatic transmission with Power locks/windows/steering etc).

2 days ago, it just stopped working.

1. When I try to start it, the engine revs up, but then nothing happens.
2. Also, the power locks on the doors, (which work even when the car is not on) have stopped working.
3.The internal light, which comes up when the doors are open, is also not coming up. The headlights are working but the parking lights are not working.

Around 2 months ago, I had experienced problem of car not starting up, and then the mechanic had replaced the distributer. (But all the other things were working last time).

Is it something to do with some loose connection to battery?

posted by  amitverma0101

yes i had that problem once and all i did was buy a new terminal because the other one was leaking battery acid and after that it worked fine. i also exchanged my battery but you probably dont have to do that.

posted by  whiteboy23

Yeah have either got a battery problem or maybe even possibly an alternator problem (probably not the alternator).

I have a great running car that had some minor glitches when I got it (94 Tempo I got for $500 that has a great engine. Idiot who sold it had less than 2 quarts of oil in it, belt routed wrong, and a drained transmission). Annnnnyyways....

After spending a week messin wiff and bragging about my $500 car I had attracted nosy neighbors and when I was about to show off how sweet it purred :doh: it would click but not crank. Tap on the again. Turned out I'd busted the positive battery terminal a bit unattaching and re-attaching it while I did repairs. I jerry-rigged it for show with some copper wire to make sure everything on the terminal was tight and bought a new clamp for the terminal the next day.

Man them terminals on that battery gotta be tight now days is all I have learned. It is not like in the old days when you could jump a battery less vehicle off another one...all them circuts want clean juice.

You've got at best a battery terminal problem or at worst an alternator problem.

posted by  Blue_Frog

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

I had to take the car to the mechanic, as I could not find the solution.
Seems the fuse had blown. Took him some time to find out.

Thanks again.

posted by  amitverma0101

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