93 Accord Starts, Shuts off When Key Released

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My 1993 Honda accord Starts just fine and as long as I do not fully release the Ignition Key it will remain running. I've already replaced the Fuel filter and Main Relay. To allow it to keep running and charge the battery, I release the key from the krank position but do not fully release it. Help! Any suggestions?

posted by  myaccords

What And where is this "Main Relay" ?

posted by  lectroid

The problem Is the electrical portion of the ignition switch. The ignition switch is made in 2 pieces. The lock assyembly and the electrical portion which attaches to the lock with 2 small screws, and plugs into the fuse box. :hi:

posted by  zorro

Many Thanks, I changed out the Switch and the Car starts and runs Great!

posted by  myaccords

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