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:banghead: Hello,
I have just bought a dodge neon with a hunting problem. It starts fine and warms up fine. After a few miles of driving and then coming to a stop, the engine begins to rev,(3000 rpm) then it goes down and revs again and again, and again. I have yet to get the codes from it, but is there something I should suspect. Timing belt and MAP sensor have less than 50 miles on them. Would the TPS, crankshaft position sensor, or egr do this?

Any help will be appreciated.


posted by  ferdou

Why the hell do all of u get so horny and jump on the phrase "have u checked the codes". God damn, as u all may not know, a car is primarily mechanical. Ur assumptions of an EGR valve seem good, I'd start with that. It ain't cheap btw. And a TPS sensor will have a bad spot when it goes out, so at a certain RPM, it would crap out on ya, so pretty much rules out.
Also check for a blown intake gasket. Shoot WD-40 or something like that all around ur intake gasket. If RPM changes, u pretty much found it.
Good luck, hope this helps. :thumbs:

P.S. Did u have this problem BEFORE timing belt was replaced?

posted by  Carcass

'...a car is primarily mechanical....' ~ Carcass

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Glad someone else still agrees with this 'shade tree' mechanic about that. I'm an IT Professional by trade but I still know wut Carcass said about cars is nuffin but true.

posted by  Blue_Frog

Thank you. Someone sees my point :hi: :thumbs:

posted by  Carcass

:clap: I had the same problem with my step daughters neon, and i found out that it was the crankshft position sensor. You will have to get one and they come with a conversion kit. instead of the prongs they come with the slot plug. this is why you need the conversion kit. I had to goto NAPA to get it. Hope this helped! :laughing:

posted by  bhgmavrick

stop :banghead: it is the crankshaft position sensor. I had the same problem, replaced it and :thumbs:

posted by  bhgmavrick

hmmmm, i think his rpm is already changing so shooting crap around looking for a vacuum leak seems kinda pointless, and you always scan for codes on a driveability problem, it is by far the easiest and fastest way to find out exactly what your engine is doing, unless it's an old beast with thats not computer controlled but they are few and far between these days. you can not only obtain trouble codes but if the shop has the tools you can pull live data off the sensors.anyway did you get any codes?

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

I can agree to a certain extent IF the person knows what he's doin ex: a technician. Trouble codes don't always tell u the right path and check engine lights do not always light up when a prob occurs. I think the best bet is an osciloscope. U should know what I mean. And as for codes, if u have a really clogged air filter on a GM, u may well get a MAF code. Of course the noob checks that, changes the MAF, and no luck. So he thinks, wtf?? 2 friends join in and the next thing u know, he replaces ECU. So no, for most street "mechanics" I do not suggest trouble codes and what not. A mechanical and visual inspection to me should have priority over anything.
That's just my opinion. :ohcrap:

posted by  Carcass

Thanks everyone, the problem is the crankshaft position sensor.

Thanks a lot for all your kindly help!!!

posted by  ferdou

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