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1994 Ford Tempo 4 cylinder if ya'll dont already know.

Anyway when I got it it would slip out if drive at random, frequently at any speed. I dumped the old fluid and replaced it with TransX and Lucas. Improved the problem almost instantly but still around 35-45 mph it drops out of drive or seems to (engine revs but no increase in speed) untill I manually move it into second gear (this is an automatic). Even after manually moving it into gear I have to really push the gas pedal to continue acceleration.

It is not misfiring (or at least audibly misfiring), and at idle I cannot hear or feel any vaccum/pressure leaks from the engine under the hood (though of course while driving, flooring it once I get it manually into second makes the engine rev up unusually like hell). No real abnormal cooling problems or burning / loss of any fluids.

I'm thinking worn head gasket...anyone elses opinions?

Thanks! :mrgreen:

posted by  Blue_Frog

i don't think it's your head gasket, you said the engine revs but no acceleration. it sounds like your trans is slipping. you might have worn clutches or bad seals in it. that would be my guess.

so your probally gonna have to replace the trqans or get that one rebuilt

posted by  dave514

or it could be the governer on the trans.
the governer basically tells the trans when to shift. and if you have a sticking governor it might not be shifting. on fords when you move the gear selector into the 2 position it ovrides the governors function. it wiil place the trans in second gear even when staring from a stand still,
but what ever the exact cause you will most likely have to take it to someone who knows a bout transmissions

good luck

posted by  dave514

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