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Was given an 89 Escort, a teens car, 160k miles with the 1.9 litre engine manual trans. Thought it was a problem with the idle motor until now on a warm day when I pulled the air cleaner completely off I noticed the idle screw had been turned way in... Damn kids! :banghead:
OK, so I checked the idle circuit and it appears to be working. But the car warms up then shuts down and won't restart....
When I run the scanner diagnostics the fan never kicks in during the test run or when it's warm. A volt meter didn't show it getting a signal however.
Also have big battery drain with everything off so will look into that too. Stupid FORD idea where the fuse block is located...

Anyone have ideas?

18- Anyone know where the tach signal come from? I'm guessing the distributer.

87- Anyone know where the fuel pump relay is located?

96- Where's the Thermactor Air System?

Trouble Codes:
18- Loss of TACH signal to Electronic Control Assembly (ECA).

87- Fuel Pump (FP) relay – circuit failure.

96- Thermactor Air System problem – right (passenger) side air flow will not bypass.
or, Fuel Pump (FP) circuit failure.
or, High speed fuel pump relay circuit failure.

posted by  lgchristianson

well dont take this the wronge way, but buy the book. if you plan on keeping the car for a while and you of corse know you will have problems then buy a guide book for your car. and the autozone site in someone's reply is also vary useful but not while your under the hood, unless you want to use a wireless laptop. good luck

posted by  donaldnjamie

I take nothing the wrong way as long as it's constructive...
I have the Haynes Manual but it doesn't appear to cover most of what I'm looking for.

Have a wireless laptop but not a router.... yet.

posted by  lgchristianson

Thanks for the replies... raining the past couple days so not heading out there and will be gone a couple weeks for some much needed R&R.
Will be back on this as soon as I return.

posted by  lgchristianson

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