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Would a chevy 350 fit into my 91 volvo 740? and if it will how much would the labor cost? Anything else i should know about this either like is it a stupied idea? etc.... thanks

posted by  BrianDingler

I would have to say it is a stupid idea- if you want to do that, you might as well buy a "newer" (maybe a used) car that has more power. how much $$ are you willing to spend on such a project/purchase?

posted by  SuperJew

Well i wanted the car to be a sleeper ya know a volvo 740 pulls up with a chevy 350 5.7 litter the thing would be sweet i just wanted to know how much it would cost to get it fited etc. i have all the money i want i just want to get it as cheap as possible like some estimits

posted by  BrianDingler

it would be a pretty big job to put a chevy engine into a volvo car. just think about it... chevy and volvo aren't even made on the same continent. you would have to customize alot of dfferent little things. i'm not even sure a 5.7 liter 350 could even fit in a volvo, but thats just more of a speculation. bcuz volvos are actually pretty big cars. (even if they are uglier than hell)

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

ok i get what you want....and Chevys right. i bet a 350 V8 won't even fit into a Volvo engine bay, even though you are assuming the tranny and engine will be compatible. which they probably won't be- the tranny won't be able to handle the power of a V8. if you want a sleeper may i suggets an Ex-cop Caprice? but only with the LT1 motor....and the pillar-mounted searchlights. those are pimping... :D

posted by  SuperJew

I realize that this is a well overdue response, Brian but, I just ran up on it. I have been doing wierd swaps for over 40 years and this is one of the easiest ones to do. Use the engine/ tranny combo. If the Volvo is an automatic, the shifter is almost perfect. Get a Lincoln MIG welder from the eBay, set it for .023/.025 wire and practice a few days. You can make up everything you need. Take the front part of the driveshaft and a chevy front yoke assy. to a driveshaft shop....they'll "glue" it and balance it cheaper than a chevy half-shaft. The wiring diagrams can be found almost anywhere. $10 and most local independent shops will print you an All-data diagram for the chevy and Volvo.

OOps...gotta run get some meds before doc closes. IF you've already done it, I'm sure it's "nice", mine were real surprises to me and the public.


posted by  Jim Kimbrough

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