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This is the story. MY bro parks his car next to the street on the piece of lawn seperated by the sidewalk. Well woke up to see that a drunk drive hit his car speeding and the ran away after. He hit the back right hand side of the car. My bro considers the car "totaled" so hes gonna get a new one. I decided to take that car and fix it cause i dont have one. I was thinking of replacing the back windshield and adjustin the frame of the car so that the trunk can close and that the metal wont interfeer with the tire rootation. What do you guys think i should do/ how to/ how much $. ( I know its gonna look bad, but hey a car is a car and ill eventually fix it completely) HEre are some pics: ( the second post from the top)


posted by  homerbalooza

unibody frame damage can be hard if not impossible to straighten, i would suggest scraping your idea cuz in the end it will cause alot of problems IMO

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

take the motor and all the bells and whistles and sell em or put em in a different car

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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