Automatic 1993 Ford Taurus not wanting to move in drive.

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My father-in-law has a automatic 1993 Ford Taurus. The problem is, we can start the car, and the motor is running nice. When we shift into reverse or drive the car does not want to engage into the gear. There is no noise, and the shifting is smooth. This is the same for the lower gears. I have checked the transmission fluid it is full. I checked the emergancy brake to make sure it was not engaged. What could be the problem?

posted by  j2daheezay

could be transmission fluid pump is shot.. since it happens to all gears.
or maybe shifter signal doesnt go to TCM or PCM. could be numerous reasons.. no power to shift selenoids?

posted by  thongsai

Is this a hard task, or should I get someone that has knowledge for the repairs?

posted by  j2daheezay

sometimes the filter can be so clogged up that the car won't move until fully warmed up.

posted by  carlos

Those AXOD transmissions are crap, if you've lost forward and reverse, and all the linkage is still hooked up, it's probably your tourque converter or the pump has packed in, for some reason FORD thought it would be logical to make a crankshaft thrust washer only on one side and only half of a regular thrust washer and these tranmissions pack in all the time, there are 2 currently in my shop right now pieces of crap, sell it buddy!

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Cost of the rebuild for the tranny,is probably equal too, or more than the car is worth. :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

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