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The car is a 1996 Plymouth Breeze, bracket drag is the application. Chrysler 2.0L, DOHC block with the stock 4 speed automatic trans. I would like it to be a 5 speed manual. That being said, I've been looking at Neon performance parts since no one makes anything earth-shattering branded as a 'breeze' part. I figure same block, same part (as long as it's a direct engine part, anyway). Most of the folks I talk to, and anything I read seems to agree.

However, I'm looking at picking up a remanufactured Neon manual 5 speed, and bolting that on. I've priced out the clutch kit (pressure plate, throw out bearing, clutch), trans, and flywheel. Where do I look for the stock clutch and shift linkages? Should I continue on the Neon parts trend and pick the clutch and shift linkages from a Dodge dealership, or should i ask for the same parts from the dealership who sold the Plymouth? Am i missing anything? Does anyone know a decent entry-to-mid level aftermarket part manufactuer that will serve my application?

I don't know the specific names of the parts that mount and connect the shift box and clutch pedal to the trans, so names of those bits would be helpful.

Lastly, the differential. What's the name of the housing the Breeze/neon/stratus/et cetera uses? Not knowing the name/style of the housing is putting a serious cramp on my ability to look for a aftermarket locker. Any aftermarket FWD ring and pinion manufactuers? Something in the 3.53 to 4.11 range, perhaps? Twist of lemon?

posted by  toastydeath

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