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Hey folks,

I'm new here. Please see my bio in the "introduce yourself" area.

I own an 86 Nissan pickup that was recently declared as totalled by the other driver's insurance co (accident not my fault, etc).

The car is now in a towing place, and I'm being charged "storage" every day. My truck was in excellent running condiition for its age, with about 80k miles. Ithe storage place is trying to get me to give them my truck AND try to have me pay storage. They are also very relucant to let me "see" my truck, stating that they are busy, etc. etc. Is this normal? Or am I being taken for a ride?

Also, has anyone had any luck repairing these trucks? The damage is in the front, but I'm not sure if the frame is bent as I haven't seen the car since the accident, and it was dark that night. I did look quickly, and noticed that there wasn't anything leaking from underneath, which is good. The accident wasn't at a terribly high speed. The car wouldn't start, but I didn't investigate why.

Any thoughts, tips, etc. you can give me in dealing with the insurance company and the towing/storage place would be greatly appreciated. I'm very frustrated, because I had a great truck that I would have driven for the next 5 years, and now all I seem to have is bills! And it wasn't even my fault!

Thanks again for the help.


posted by  supertom

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