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93 Talon ES manual tranny. Last night I was driving and the handbrake light, the coolant light (i think) and the engine lights came on, but were dim. The car ran fine then. This morning I started the car all seemed fine except for when I got on the highway, I would push in the gas pedal and she would bog down...then the radio turned off and the fan for the heater seemed to be working but real low, the signals would not work. and the lights were on as described above. Seems like an electrical problem, but since I know nothing about cars...I dunno. I was able to get off the highway and she stalled. I finally got her started again about 10 mins later, and she stalled out again about 5 mins later. I got a boost...she started no problem but once moving she was bogging and died at work less than 1 minute later...Could some one please help me...Stuck without a car in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.


Chris :cussing:

posted by  93 Talon

check your battery and alternator(Autozone) output your charging system should read between 13.5V to 15V

posted by  carlos

Sounds like the alternator, had the same problem with my 92 geo, just take it to your local autoparts store and they should be able to test it.


posted by  83camaro

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