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It had been over 5000 miles and 5 months since my last oil change, and I noticed my car had been making a quiet but noticeable sputtering kind of sound when going fast on the highway (60 or above). I just got my oil changed today and haven't had a chance to drive it on the highway yet, but could that sound be attributed to the need for an oil change?

I have a:

1996 Honda Accord DX
114000 miles

posted by  bhath19

It's probably the sound of 114k miles on a car...wear and tear...age...

Has it had it's 100k mile check up? Probably should do so. I just took our 1997 740i in for Inspection I and although it ran quite well before going in and had no repairs to make...it now runs even smoother and with more desire for the high speeds!! It is amazing what changing out ALL fluids in a car can do and making sure everything is tight...well worth the cost!

Note: this is my 100th post...now an Enthusiast! 8O

posted by  BavarianWheels

Changing fluids and "making sure everything is tight" makes a car faster? Why would a car with superior German engineering have anything loose?

No, the likelyhood of being late for an oil change causing a drivability concern is as close to nil as you can get. Of greater concern is your preventative maintenance schedule. You do have one right? At 114k and 7 years old it might just be time for some good old repairs. If you'd like more help please supply more detailed info.

posted by  vwhobo

Now I know you're lying. I bet you're sitting. :D

posted by  vwhobo

Did I say, "makes a car faster?" When things are quiet...to me it says things are running smooth. When things are running smooth...maybe it is better to say that it is ME that has more desire for higher speeds as it sounds like everything is a go.

I would hope that because I endeavor to "properly" maintain my vehicles, that superior German engineering would stand as such.

I can stand corrected.


posted by  BavarianWheels

That's a really hard question to answer for two reasons. First, to some extent that depends on how well the car has been maintained in the past. Second, it would take alot of typing. Here's some links that I share with my customers to help them make decisions. This is in no way an advertisement for this company, and shouldn't be taken a gospel, but as a fairly good guide. Let's hope this is helpful to someone.

http://www.partsamerica.com/PPF/SourceArea/LEARN/MaintSchedID/5883/year/199 3/mk/TOYOTA/mod/COROLLA/stype/107/stypename/Enhanced/DestinationPage/Mainte nanceSchedule%2Easp/maintenanceTypes.asp

http://www.partsamerica.com/PPF/sourceArea/LEARN/MaintSchedID/5882/year/199 3/mk/TOYOTA/mod/COROLLA/stype/101/stypename/Federal%28Severe%29/Destination Page/MaintenanceSchedule%2Easp/maintenanceTypes.asp

posted by  vwhobo

What kind of service should a car have around 112k miles? I don't think it's had the 100k mile checkup, what does that entail? is it worth the cost (and what would the cost be around)? Thanks.

1993 Toyota Corolla DX
1.8L 7A-FE 4cyl

posted by  digital_shad0w

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