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i need help with installing an alternator in a 1997 mercury mystique. v6, dohc....any help would be great thanks!

posted by  psychojetpilot

A shop manual will go into more detail on specific removals/reinstalls required to access the alternator than I can here but here is the typical procedure

disconnect the negative battery cable
Move anything requires to allow access to the alternator
remove the belt (procedure varies if the car has serpentine belts or short v-belts)
remove the alternator wiring
losen the bolts and remove the alternator
install is reverse of removal. I use antisieze on these bolts since the steel bolts and aluminum parts set-up a di-electric couple and corrode together making removal a pain. /80/1b/c3/18/0900823d801bc318.jsp are excerpts from autozones on line manual for your car hence my first statement alluding to spend $15 - $20 and buy a manulal

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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