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Does anyone know how to remove a power steering pump pulley from a 1990 Full size Chevy (4.3 liter V6)?

posted by  markel

Why would you want the pulley off? As far as I know on ANY car I have ever worked on other than idlers the pulley is connected to the shaft and bearings in the unit it is supposed to be running. If you are trying to BYPASS the pulley for some reason the easiest fix is trial and error with belt sizes.

If you are trying to remove the power steering unit itself then say that and I think you'd eventually get an answer here cuz people here are real helpful. I've never removed the power steering on any chevy but I bet someone here has.

posted by  Blue_Frog

there is a special puller and i believe on chevy's you have to pull the pully off to get the pump outa the bracket, go to you local snap-on dealer and get the puller otherwise i can't help you, i have never had to do a p/s pump job on a chevy without proper tools. if it's phenolic resin(looks like compressed horse crap) then it will eventually break if you start prying on it hard enough then you'll need a new pulley

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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