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I've seen advertised in magazines and on the internet a little device that supposedly fits into an aftermarket air intake that creates a vortex inside the intake system to better mix fuel, giving you better gas mileage. Is there any truth to these things or are they just a way for parts suppliers to get an extra buck?

posted by  eclipso

some people swear by it could be true, as far as performance i can tell you you get nothing. if your looking for good fuel mileage buy a K&N filter there's an investment, $40 bucks(usually) for something that you can just clean and use for tens of thousands of miles and because it flows better your fuel mileage will increase, maybe slightly but over time it will add up. also try synthetic oil the stuff works great i just put it in my girlfriends car and now it has better throttle response, and slight better fuel mileage.(i guess it's due to less engine friction)

posted by  carlos

I saw A car equipped with four of those Tornado things, He was sponsored by them. He was running low 13's in a neon. But thats because he had nitrous pumping into the engine, I doubt the tornados did anything.

posted by  Zalight

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